As If..., 2022

Exhibited at Daegu Art Museum, Daegu, 2022

As If You’re Dreaming, 2022, wood, acrylic, light, mixed media, iPhone (single channel video, looped).

As If You’re Singing, 2022, fabric, a light stick, mixed media, iPhone (multi-channel video, looped), 

As If You’re Dancing, 2022, digital image prined, a LED light panel, a neon light, wood, iPhone, mixed media.

Photo by Daegu Art Museum

Dew Kim has created multiple personalities, such as Dew Kim, Huh, Need-you, and HornyHoneydew, to evoke feelings of anxiety and tension through the unfolding of various narratives. In particular, Kim creates works that elicit strong emotions by disturbing the dichotomous structure inherent to the rationally accepted categories of the present day. As HornyHoneydew, Kim filmed a K-pop-inspired music video and released an album as one of his previous artworks, Purple Kiss (2018). Inartwork the, he satirizes the dualistic norms of heterosexuality in Korean society. At Funky-Function, Kim realized that shamanic power resides in the intense and captivating idol music and choreography, and he presented installation and video works that combine K-pop and religion at the museum.