DAD, 2020

Supported by Arts Council Korea
Exhibited at Old House, Seoul, Korea, 2020

DAD, 2020, installation view.

DAD_01, 2020,  shoe storage bench, sitting mat, books, single channel video (05’23”), dimensions variable.

DAD_02_Succulent Humans, 2020, dry moss, single channel video (looping), dimensions variable.

DAD_02, 2020, doormat, dry moss, single channel video (04’15”), dimensions variable.

DAD_03, 2020, sneakers, 3D printed crucifix, electric wire, dimensions variable.

Photo by Kyuho Shim

Huh, Need-you has explored the meaning of the body in society. In his DAD (2020) series, he depicts "three fathers," discussing their queer identity and the relationship between life and the religion of his family. He talks about his identity as a queer son of a pastor, comparing this with the story of Abraham and Isaac in Genesis, chapter 22. A man tying his shoelaces in a determined way, rough hands washing vulnerable legs, and a shoe hung high above with a holy foot trace on which lives are growing on are the symbols of three fathers: biological father, daddy as a boyfriend in the queer world and God the Father. They are heading somewhere that does not exist.  - from New Normal, written by Gyusik Lee

신체가 가지는 사회적인 의미를 탐구해온 허니듀는 "DAD"(2020) 연작에서 서로 다른 '세 아버지'의 모습을 통해 퀴어 정체성 및 가족의 삶과 종교와의 관계를 그려낸다. 그는 목사의 아들이자 퀴어의 삶을 살아오고 있는 개인으로서 경험한 자전적인 이야기를 창세기 22장의 아브라함과 이삭에 빗대어 나타낸다. 결연하게 신발 끈을 고쳐 묶는 모습, 여린 발을 정성스레 씻겨주는 투박한 손, 생명이 자라나는 성스러운 발자취와 높이 매달린 신발은 세 아버지-생부(Biological father), 퀴어 커뮤니티에서의 아버지뻘 연인(Daddy), 하나님 아버지(God the Father)-와의 관계를 상징하며 어디에도 없을 곳으로 향한다.

- 글 ‘뉴노멀’ 중 / 이규식