The Enchanting Offering, 2024

Malta Biennale 2024, Valletta, Malta

The Enchanting Offering, 2024, single channel video, color, stereo, 02’30” (loop) 

Director, Starring | Dew Kim
Editing | Dew Kim, Yoonsuk Choi
Producer | Yoonsuk Choi
Researcher | Hyunsun Park
Video | Big Picture Production (Joochul Lee)
Sound design | Vanko (Jinho Kim)
VFX | Cyan Hong
Costume Design | Hojin Jeong PAUS artisanal
Hair/Make up | Jerome
Hair/Make up assistant | Jihyun Choi

Commissioned by 2024

The Holy Wounds. 2024, mixed media with metal and silicone, dimensions variable

Photo by Julian Vassall

In this project, included works <The Enchanting Offering> and <The Holy Wounds>, a new narrative unfolds, weaving an expansive queer story that traverses cultural realms dominated by superego commands, encompassing sadomasochism, religion, and idol culture. Meticulously researched, this exploration seeks to create a queer narrative that navigates the intriguing points between the bizarre and the sublime, a dynamic often observed in both religious contexts and popular culture.

A captivating video piece emerges as the centerpiece of this artistic venture, delving into the conclusions of K-pop idols' performances. Referred to as the 'Ending Fairy,' the final pose struck by a K-pop idol embodies a paradoxical blend of the bizarre and the divine. The visual interplay of sweat streaming down their faces, labored breathing, and enigmatic expressions creates a unique space that simultaneously conveys sacredness and eroticism. Inviting a thought-provoking parallel, one discerns a similarity between the idols in the 'Ending Fairy' scene and the adults depicted in religious paintings. Notably, the iconography portraying the suffering and resurrection of Jesus bears resemblance to the Christian equivalent of the 'Ending Fairy.'

Viewed through the lens of <The Enchanting Offering>, the audience is invited to explore and contemplate these resonances as the artwork immerses them in a visually evocative narrative, skillfully capturing the intersections of the sacred and the enigmatic.